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Thank you for visiting Prepared to Prosper, LLC. for your counseling and consultation needs. By visiting this site you have taken the first step to self improvement and I look forward to working with you.

Prepared to Prosper, LLC was created to provide an open, safe, and flexible place for you to experience personal growth. Patience believes we all have strengths to help us on our life journey, and she is here to assist you in uncovering your unused or unidentified strengths.

By utilizing the following principles, or what she likes to call the 3-Ps: Developing yourself through Preparation, utilizing Patience during your journey, and accepting your road to Prosperity she believes you can make progress towards positive change in your life. Preparation focuses on uncovering your unused strengths to ensure that you have several tools to combat day to day stress or more difficult challenges life may bring. Patience is giving yourself the time to find what works best for you and your situation. It is important to keep in mind that nothing is solved with a “quick fix”. And finally, Prosperity is fostering the mindset that there is hope, and you are able to grow and elevate to new levels. 

As a Licensed Professional Counselor, Patience, provided consultation services to educators within the school system, professionals within the legal system, military members, and medical providers.

In her previous role working with military populations, she provided senior leadership, mid-level supervisors, and service members with onsite individual & group coaching, consultative services and workshops to develop leadership skills, create cultural change, and provide education in the areas of mental, emotional, relational, and social wellness. Among these services, she worked on a team of helping professionals where they developed a curriculum which provided training to 400+ service members improving levels of emotional intelligence, peer to peer relationships, and supervisory to subordinate relationships.

Patience believes it is important to not only reach members working within an organization, but persons the organization serves as well. While working for a community health agency, she developed and implemented the first evidence-based collaborative care program for patients experiencing severe and persistent mental illnesses in the state of Nebraska. This program allowed one Care Manager to work as the liaison between approximately 40 patients, primary care providers, and a psychiatrist simultaneously within a 10-week rotational period where each client showed an improvement rate of at least a 50% or more. The implementation of this program increased the company’s productivity levels, patients’ access to psychiatric services, and improved the mental wellness of the patients.

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